Community Groups


At BOSS Church, we believe that one of the greatest avenues for spiritual transformation is in the context of a community groups. Community Groups offer a place where you can experience acceptance and support, develop real relationships, grow spiritually, discover your God-given purpose and ignite a greater passion for Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to connect EVERY person who calls BOSS home with a safe community group environment where they can commit to the adventure of following Jesus Christ. We are excited about what is happening in this ministry and hope that you will make joining a community group a priority in your spiritual growth.

Community Groups are the heartbeat of BOSS and are where discipleship growth and pastoral care takes place! Because we believe that everyone needs fellowship and support we encourage you to connect with a Community Group in your area.


• It’s easy to find a group that is in your community and works with your schedule.
• You will grow spiritually through the studying of God’s Word.
• You will experiences God’s design to build & develop strong relationships.
• You will find encouragement & support from others.
• To find ways to serve the community as a Community Group.


What should I expect when I attend a Community Group?
Most of all, you will feel welcome and accepted. A community group is an extension of the church. It is where life change happens and godly relationships are made. More importantly, you will grow in faith and Christ-likeness. Members of a small group share their joys and bear one another’s burdens.

What types of groups are offered at BOSS?
We offer groups for men, women, youth, college and twenty-somethings, as well as mixed gender groups.

How do I join a community group?
You can email us at or the Community Groups table at our worship services for the list of available groups and contact the group leader directly. The Community Groups Team can also help you find a group—simply complete a connection form and a team member or group leader will contact you. Communicating your interests and needs to us will help us place you in a group that is the best fit for you.

Will I be expected to stay in the group I join “forever?”
Though we would love for you to be committed to the relationships you build; you have complete freedom to join other groups as your needs change or schedule changes.

When and where do groups meet?
Our groups meet weekly or bi-weekly at various times during the week usually in someone’s home. We have groups all over the Sacramento region that are waiting for you to join.

Can we bring our kids with us?
Each group is different. Some groups have accommodations for children and some groups do not. If you would like to be placed in a group that can accommodate children, just let us know and we will look into community group opportunities that can meet your need.

What does a typical community group meeting look like?
The community group typically meets in the home of one of the members for an hour-and-a-half. The group begins includes a social time, has discussion about the weekly lesson, and then ends with prayer.

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